Commoning Ethnography is an off-centre, annual, international, peer-engaged, open access, online journal dedicated to examining, criticizing, and redrawing the boundaries of ethnographic research, teaching, knowledge, and praxis.

We welcome submissions that explore the boundaries of ethnographic knowledge, experiment with forms of ethnographic writing, disturb the authority of single authorship, consider how property norms shape ethnographic research, and rethink communities of ethnographic research in a variety of yet unanticipated ways. We also welcome ethnographic and theoretical accounts of the commoning projects that exist within contemporary life, be they within academia, social movements, political spaces, emergent economies, environmental debates, creative practices or in intimate and quotidian arenas of social life.

We accept standard research articles, as well as a range of other collaborative, creative and exploratory works. We are interested in reflective, engaged, and impassioned writing. We are also interested in work that challenges norms of ethnographic writing by expanding the rules of authorship and finding novel ways to enhance collaborations with research partners, incorporating their voices, thoughts, and discontents into our own practices of research.  We are particularly interested in work that reflects an off-kilter, handmade approach to knowledge production and dissemination; this includes, but is not limited to, new graphic forms like cartoons or photo essays. We also encourage work that extends the limits of established academic networks, breaches boundaries between the centres and peripheries of academia, and consider critically who and what can be included in our conversations.

Issue 1 was released 15 December 2018