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Digital Visual Workshop: Digital Storytelling with Sarina Pearson, University of Auckland

Visual technologies offer a creative way to construct and tell stories for both researchers and their interlocuteurs.  The 3-minute ‘digital-story’ provides a means of thinking about narrative and life-story, as well as communication.  This workshop offers an opportunity to consider digital-story-telling as a research method as well as communication device.  It will include an overview of digital storytelling and the methodologies involved, as well as the opportunity to participate in a ‘story circle’ (the first stage of crafting one’s story).

Sarina Pearson is is a specialist in Southseas cinema and television, and has worked on many digital storytelling projects across the Pacific, exploring this as a means of grass-roots documentary.  She is interested in how cultural production reflects dynamics of power, affect and subjectivity.  She is currently Associate Professor in the Media, Film, and Television programme at the University of Auckland.  Find out more about Sarina’s work on digital storytelling here.

This workshop is part of a series of digital-visual workshops running in 2017 as part of the Cultural Anthropology Programme at Victoria, in conjunction with the Ethnography Commons.