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Digital Visual Workshop: Collaborative Visual Research with Ruth Gibbons, Massey University

Using visual methods to undertake and present collaborative research provide opportunities for considering alternative ways of doing research and creating knowledge.  This workshop offers a hands-on opportunity to experiment with a variety of visual and sound forms to explore different ways of gathering and representing fieldwork, in a collaborative approach. Throughout the session we will explore techniques that focus on a hands-on layering of information gathered throughout the day.  No prior knowledge of art or artistic skills is needed, just a cell phone and the willingness to try something different! 

  Ruth is a specialist in collaborative artistic practice as a research method and communication tool.  Her work centres around a multi-layered multi-media approach to research through the use of experimental methods; looking at how they can open spaces to explore how people experience and express their ways of knowing the world.  Her most recent research used digital animation, sculpture, soundscapes, experimental film and digital collage, to research and represent peoples experiences of chronic illness.

This workshop is part of a series of digital-visual workshops running in 2017 as part of the Cultural Anthropology Programme at Victoria, in conjunction with the Ethnography Commons.